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This was one of the first full outfits I made at Parsons during my freshman year. This was for my fashion design studio and is an ode to growing up in California. The top is hand woven with white acrylic yarn and a hand made loom. This is to represent the safety net I have when I'm home. The skirt is my photography printed on cotton fabric. The front picture is a photo I took driving on the 5 up to Nor Cal with my Iconic Bitch logo embossed and placed on top. The back of the skirt is a friends butt, she has a great butt. I was listening to Jimi Hendrix's Foxey Lady when making this so I decided to write Foxy on the butt as a ode to Jimi.

Modeled by Lyla and Sydney
May 2022 - pics by LK

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